My EDS seems to take a few goes before it connects.

After initial installation and with the engine running the EDS may take a minute to establish a reliable data link. If EDS cannot find a reliable connection it will switch off within a minute. If this occurs, turn off the engine, wait 20 seconds then restart the procedure. Once EDS has established a reliable data link with your vehicle it will generally link immediately every time you start your vehicle.

Can I program my EDS to show other channels of data?

EDS has been designed for ease of use and is pre programmed with a range of the most popular data channels. It is not programmable for further data channels.

How do I know what a fault code means?

There are many hundreds of fault codes possible between makes of vehicles. You can go to to see if there are trouble code definitions listed for your vehicle. If you are preparing for a long trip it may be advisable to print out the code definitions for your model vehicle.

I notice the EDS shows different speed to my speedometer.

All data being shown by EDS is received from the vehicles computer and shown 'as is'. Inaccuracies with road speed can be attributed to tire size or inaccuracy within the vehicles speedometer.

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